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Duties of Deacons

- The deacon’s primary responsibility is to free the hands of the pastor by taking care of the material needs of the pastor, the church, and the poor and afflicted.
- The deacons should be constant in reading and studying the Word of God, and should be able to defend the major doctrinal beliefs of the Church.

- The deacons should be men of prayer, constantly seeking the face of God for wisdom and discernment in serving in the church.

- The deacons should support the ministry of the church, and be a help to them as they go about ministering to the flock.

- The deacons should communicate closely with the pastor in order to know his needs and the needs of his family.

- The deacons should handle the financial affairs of the church, carrying out the will of the church, not acting independently, but as servants of the body.

- The deacons should also visit the sick and afflicted of the church.

- The deacons should take care to oversee the maintenance of the building and property of the church.

- The deacons should seek out opportunities for the church to minister to spiritual or material needs of the community in which it is located.

Calling of Deacons
General Guidelines

- If the church feels that a new deacon is needed in the assembly due to the departure of a deacon or increase in the size of the church, the church should schedule a season of prayer seeking the will of God in the matter.

- After a season of prayer and discussion among the church, the church should look out among themselves for men that fit the qualifications of a deacon listed in        I Tim. 3:8-13.

- The members of the church should share their feelings with one another, and with the pastor and deacon(s).

- The church should then bring the matter up for discussion in conference.

- When a consensus is reached, the candidate should be given time to answer to the call of the church.

- If he feels led to serve as a deacon, the church should then vote on the matter in conference and call for his ordination (if he has not previously been ordained as a deacon) and insertion into the office of deacon.

- The office of deacon is not automatically transferred between churches. If an ordained deacon joins the church, he will not serve as a deacon of that church unless called to that office by the church.

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