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Duties of the Evangelist

- The evangelist is to do his work under the authority of the local church.

- The evangelist is to seek to spread the gospel in his community through witnessing, preaching, and ministering.

- The evangelist should work hand in hand with his pastor to help edify, teach, and lead the local church, but should submit to his pastor on all matters of the local assembly.
- The evangelist should also work abroad as God gives him opportunities in other cities, states, and nations.

- The evangelist should help to establish new churches and disciple new believers in areas where there is not yet an established church.

- The evangelist should assist other churches that are without a pastor.

- The evangelist should be supported by the church in prayer and in financial assistance.

- The evangelist should seek to teach the evangelistic gifts in the church how to use those gifts in evangelistic endeavors.

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